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Jennifer McCumbers, FNP-C

Elisabeth Coombs, DPT

Ariel Mooney, DDS

Roshan A. Hussain, MD

Corrie Grogg, WHNP

Jessica Fitzwater FNP-BC

Timothy Daly, MD

Wendy Beall, APRN, FNP-BC

Betty Barr, PA-C

Jason Fincham, DO

Caitlin Eakle, RDH

Shelley Cottrill, FNP-BC

Dawn Bailey, MSW, LCSW

Kimberly Houchin, FNP-BC

Janie Knotts, PA-C

Alfonso Cinco, MD

Jennifer Preteroti, MPT

Mandi Johnson, FNP-BC

Aaron Frymier, DO

Rudolph Kevak, MD

Tiffany Hulse, LPC

Suresh Balasubramony, MD

Chief of Staff

Tana Kevak, FNP-BC

Debbie Jones, DPT